We seek sustainable and socially beneficial investments that create value over time.

We seek sustainable and socially beneficial investments that create value over time

Neptunia invests in companies within Real Estate and Finance as well as Defence and Security. All of our holdings are within the confines of these investment areas and aim to achieve good return through investments in sustainable business models that improve society.

Our holdings are divided into three areas: Core investments, Minority investments and Financial investments. The objective is that all our core investments should be or have the potential to become leading in their respective segment. The minority-owned holdings mainly include unlisted companies, focusing on companies with a technical profile, innovation capability and strong entrepreneurs. Financial investments comprise direct investments in Slättö Förvaltning’s fund as well as in Borgo, 4C Group and Bitprop.

Core investments

Neptunia’s portfolio consists of three core investments: Slättö Förvaltning, led by Johan Karlsson (CEO and founder); MW Group, led by Mikael Karlsson (CEO and founder); and SIBS, co-founded by Johan Karlsson who also is a member of the board.


Slättö Förvaltning manages alternative investment funds with focus on property investments in the Nordics. Slättö’s funds develop, manage, and refine residential properties, community properties and commercial properties within logistics and industry. As of the 31 December 2021, Slättö had assets under management of SEK 11 BN.


MW Group is a modern Nordic defence and security company that delivers services to socially important functions in the Nordics and for international projects. The clients primarily operate in the defence and security sector as well as industries that maintain socially important functions.


SIBS was founded in 2016 with the ambition to revolutionise the construction industry and is now one of the fastest growing residential developers in the Nordics. The company has developed its own proprietary system that covers the full value chain and provides greater flexibility in the execution phase, with substantially shorter project lead times. Properties produced by SIBS are owned and managed with a long-term holding perspective.

Minority investments

Since the start in 2019, Neptunia has built a portfolio of minority-owned investments that primarily are active within digitalisation of properties. The portfolio is focused on companies characterised by strong entrepreneurs with sustainable and digital business models at exciting stages of their development.

Minority investments

Nordkap gives the users control over their loan portfolio. By generating aggregated market insights for its users, customers can develop and streamline their financing.

Buildroid enables a simpler and more unified infrastructure to connect value-adding applications and services to a property portfolio.

Corporate Fiber develops, owns and operates fiber networks within commercial property. By setting up a structured property fiber network for the entire property, the digital infrastructure is simplified.

Carbon Capture Company Nordic (CCC Nordic) offers local climate compensation that contribute to the increase of carbon sink in Swedish forests, through its Carbon Capture Certificates.

Brunkeberg provides solutions for construction of high-rise buildings and glass facades. They have a patent-protected system for managing the material façade elements of high-rise buildings.

Youple is a mortgage provider for young people. The company’s vision is to make the housing market more accessible by revolutionising the market for residential mortgages.

EstateLogs offers a system for otimising for property owners by gather every aspect of property management in one place.

Norban is a digital platform combining a marketplace for all homeowners, called Pre-Market™, with a real estate agent service. All to optimise the sale of your home.

Real Alliance consists of a group of autonomous real estate companies who cooperates with regards to ancillary services.

Elivery aims to exponentially improve the efficiency of receiving and transport of goods, especially regarding e-commerce and returns

Financial investments

As part of its investment strategy, Neptunia performs financial investments. In addition to supporting Slättö Förvaltning and a degree of liquidity, Neptunia receives ongoing strong net clash flow over time from its financial investments.