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SIBS has developed a market-leading technical system and production concept to streamline and ensure the quality of construction projects

With a construction system that integrates automated planning with industrial production at factory level, SIBS seeks to drive forward the development of tomorrow’s construction sector so that construction projects cost less, take less time to complete, and are more reliable.

Neptunia’s view of SIBS

Neptunia has been invested in SIBS since 2019. With its market-leading and automated design and industrial construction systems, SIBS transforms blueprints into finished buildings with exacting precision. Through technological innovation, SIBS optimises costs, delivery times and build quality.

The company has increased turnover by an average of 142 per cent in the past two years and took steps towards international expansion in 2022. At the beginning of 2023, it signed its first major agreement in the UK in its Licensing and Partnership business segment. Neptunia has been the lead subscriber to SIBS’ directed share issues in 2021 and 2022. We look forward to continuing to be an active owner that supports the company to scale its international business and develop the Licensing and Partnership segment.


Share of portfolio: 17%
Ownership share: 18%
Holding since: 2019
CEO: Erik Thomaeus
Chairman of the Board: Michael Wolf

Share of portfolio

Ownership share

  • 2089


    Sep 2023 (R12)
  • 51


    Sep 2023 (R12)
  • 4613


    30 sep 2023

SIBS' business areas

Housing Development and Management

Development and management of rental housing in the Nordic region. Business activities include the entire property development value chain, from land acquisition to finished properties. All properties are built within the auspices of SIBS’s conceptual value chain.

Licensing and Partnerships

Partnering with SIBS, property developers and home builders use SIBS’ systems and factory concepts in markets outside the Nordics. Business area include the entire value chain for property development on behalf of an external party. It also includes licensing of the SIBS construction system for the development of properties and production in factories.