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Minority holdings

Since 2019, Neptunia has built up a portfolio of small, fast-growing companies that drive the digitalisation of services or other technological innovations in Neptunia’s investment areas. Our investments in minority holdings focus on companies run by strong entrepreneurs and where Neptunia becomes one of several experienced investors, who, with shared direction, help companies reach their full potential by providing capital and industrial networks.


Selection of minority holdings



Real Alliance brings together a group of autonomously acting brokerage firms that collaborate primarily around ancillary services such as mortgages.



Hedvig was started in 2018 with the aim of revolutionising the insurance industry, with home insurance as one of its core products based on the idea that it should be easy to take out and understand insurance and it should be easy to make claims and receive compensation.



AVY creates digital marketplaces for housing-related products and services by digitalising the relationship between landlords and tenants.



Insurely is a digital insurance provider whose open insurance platform enables insurance companies and other financial actors to gain access to real-time data from the insurance market.



Hydda is a technology group that consists of innovative SaaS solutions for the property industry. By also involving leading property players in the development stage, they create solutions and synergies that the industry needs and demands.



Ingrid Capacity builds the necessary infrastructure for large-scale, efficient energy storage in Sweden that evens out production peaks and provides energy storage that contributes to the stability of the electricity grid.