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Neptunia’s financial investments

As part of Neptunia’s investment strategy, financial investments are managed through Slättö’s funds and in well-established companies in sectors where Neptunia is active. The investments should create synergies for one of our core holdings and can be exchanged for liquidity on a short-term basis. The idea for the category was to support capital raising for Slättö’s funds and to create shared interests with other fund investors. Neptunia’s investments in Slättö’s funds have yielded strong risk adjusted returns and regular preference dividends.


Slättö Value Add I

Slättö Value Add I is a fund with a Swedish mandate which, since its inception in 2016, has successfully created and refined a number of property portfolios.

Slättö Value Add II

Slättö Value Add II started in 2021 and is Slättö’s first fund with a European mandate.

Slättö Core+


Slättö Core+ is a fund with a Nordic mandate that was launched in the fourth quarter of 2019.


Borgo is an independent mortgage company that offers competitive mortgages through credit intermediaries to private Swedish individuals. Borgo also offers savings accounts for individuals and companies.

4C Strategies

4C Strategies provides software solutions and consulting services in crisis preparedness, societal security, and defence exercises.