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Neptunia Invest AB

Neptunia is a Swedish investment company under private Nordic ownership that invests in companies active in the financial services, real estate, and defence and security sectors. The company was founded in 2014 by the brothers Johan and Mikael Karlsson. Johan had previously founded private equity real estate firm Slättö and Mikael had founded Nordic defence and security services and solutions provider MW Group.

Neptunia was created as a common ownership platform in the brothers’ respective companies. Through a series of directed share issues conducted between 2020 and 2023, the company has successfully brought together a number of reputable shareholders who have provided financing, expertise, and network.

The company divides its investments into categories including core holdings, minority holdings, and financial investments. These categories act as a framework for the management of the holdings and for new investments. Within Neptunia’s sectors, the company has significant understanding of the market dynamics in the Nordics and a relevant network that contribute to the development of the companies and the ability to attract key personnel to senior positions and company boards.

Investment decisions are guided by Neptunia’s investment policies as well as financial and non-financial objectives, which collectively and individually seek to strengthen and develop the company’s financial flexibility over time.

Neptunia’s portfolio companies are run by strong entrepreneurs and are in expansive phases where Neptunia supports and contributes to continued growth. As owners, we are committed, long-term and driven by distinct values.